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Guiding you to Healthy Skin

Belle Beauty is a Newark based facial studio offering the latest in advanced skincare solutions.
Founder Hayley Bunch is passionate about helping people of all ages to 'love the skin you're in' everyday and beyond. Having skin problems can really knock your confidence, be it the odd breakout, dry patches, acne, pigmentation or general ageing. Whatever it may be, Hayley is here to help - no matter how big or small the concern. Hayley is a skin specialist and the only award winning, Platinum Million Dollar Technician in the area offering 'The Million Dollar Facial' which is favoured by many celebs. All treatments can be booked online at your convenience.

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Advanced Facials

Hayley offers a range of specialist facials to suit every age and skin type.

Start your Skin Journey

"When I say this lady has hands down changed not only my skin but the way I live my life I am not exaggerating. Anyone that has suffered with acne will know that no amount of 'washing your face' or investing in high end skincare products will save your skin. It's pretty obvious that acne doesn't help your confidence but no one tends to speak about the pain and discomfort it actually causes. Unfortunately GP's have little to no knowledge and just prescribe antibiotics that (in my opinion) are no good for your digestive system. Or they look to some other hormone filled pill or a drug with side effects longer than my arm that come with risks. Being on roaccutane when I was 19 and being so (to be frank) depressed on it, it really was the last thing i wanted to do again. Hayley's kindness and generosity is like no other I've ever come across in the beauty industry. She is nothing but honest and educated about the products she uses and what is good for not only mine, but each skin type. Her facials are second to none unlike any facial or chemical peel I've ever had (not to mention the little dreamy massage that comes along with it) I literally beam with happiness after every facial and it's all because of this one lady who goes the extra mile and always puts in the extra time and kindness into everything she does." Abbey


Hayley is such an advocate for what you do outside of your facials. A full in depth consultation will delve into this with each and every client and a proposed skin care plan sent to help guide clients beyond the clinic which helps drive and achieve the optimum results! 


Blending skin driven results with relaxation. Life is so busy and it is so important to be able to  switch off your mind from all the noise and the to do lists. At Belle Beauty an holistic approach is taken to incorporate your mind, body and soul during your treatment.

A Natural Approach

Creating an awareness of products to ensure the best ingredients are being used for your skin - avoiding harmful, toxic products is key. Your home care is always investigated to help guide you to better skin health. In addition, your nutrition plays a huge role in your skin health, Hayley can help delve in to your gut health  in support of your skin journey.


Everything in clinic is discussed in private and is fully confidential -a safe space to start your skin journey. Most importantly, Belle Beauty clients enjoy their skin journey with Hayley's full support.When our skin is happy, we are too. It doesn't happen overnight, but with consistency great results are achieved. 


Bridal Skin Prep

Skin first, then makeup is the motto of Belle Beauty. After spending many years as a wedding makeup artist Hayley decided to shift her sole focus to skin after realising that for so many brides the emphasis needs to be on the skin build up to the big day in order to provide the most healthy and glowing foundation. Hayley works closely with brides to be to create bespoke, bridal skin prep packages ahead of their big day. 

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